Established in 2013, All In Music Group is an independent label looking to be one of the most successful independent labels known today.  Created by Rayshaun “MBM” McIntosh, his vision was simple, why pursue a record deal when you can create one yourself.


      All In Music Group is dedicated in quality sounding music.  We want all of our artist to tell their story the best way they know how and give them the opportunity to compete sonically with all music that is being played today.  As an independent establishment we have to focus on the best sound and artist to grab the attention of fans and have their support.


      We are not just your typical Record label, we also offer services for artist who are trying to create their sound and have the opportunity to have industry standard mixes to jump start their careers.  You may not be our artist but we will make sure your record sounds just as good as anything out today.


      We want to thank you in advance for your support and remember the motto, Either You All In Or You Fall In!!


Either You All In or You Fall In!!